Cava Berdié

Cava Berdié is located in an incomparable setting, on a sea of vines in the Penedès. We were fortunate enough for life to set this winery in our path, along with the land that we walk, which provides the fruit that makes our Berdié cava. And it is here on this land that our vines, which are all traditional Penedès varieties, grow and ripen until they reach their optimum point of maturity.

Every time we smell and taste a glass of Berdié cava, within it we find the aromas of a landscape, the aromatic herbs of our woods, the influence of the Mediterranean Sea and the rays of sunlight that have enveloped and caressed each of our grapes. We also find the love and effort of a family that, day after day, makes of their vocation an art and an alternative way to see the world.

Jovani Vins

Jovani Vins is the daily reality of the three Jovani siblings: Montsa, Robert and Sergi. We are driven by the passion for the world of wine that we picked up at home from the 80s onwards when our father Robert Jovani began to immerse himself in this enthralling and exciting world.

Each of us has a different professional background, and we have come together, pooling our efforts and knowledge to make the dream that began with our father a reality. The fruit of this is Cava Berdié, our winery in the Penedès.

At home we were also given the desire to keep fighting, to take risks and to seek out new horizons. And that is what characterises our winery. Jovani Vins is passionate about pushing forward to constantly take on new challenges, never forgetting the effort needed to achieve our goals.

Over the years the Jovani siblings have led the winery, there have been constant changes in almost all the aspects of our work. The image of the bottles, the boxes and the business itself have evolved greatly; new still wines of different denominations of origin have become part of our lives; our wine and cava is drunk in countries such as China, Japan, the USA along with many more; we have won prizes, medals and high marks, and become part of the leading group of wineries that has shaped our lives.

Bit by bit our dream is becoming reality, but that is not all. Highly interesting new projects are about to see the light of day, projects through which the dream continues.